A few days in the remote backcountry to silence the voices. 100cm+ fresh, heli access and a solid crew of guides and riders to regain focus.



Getting back to my happy place to recharge, get a few waves and shoot some aerials. Massive swell hit for most of the trip making for great shots.

Imagine change - Penticton Indian Band and the Outma Sqilix’w Cultural School

We are launching a new imagine change (www.imaginechange.ca) project and will collaborate with the Penticton Indian Band’s Outma Sqilix’w Cultural School to teach 12 year old students about photography, give them the fundamentals and set them free to document their environment and tell their story. Images will be installed around the community and a gallery show put together before Christmas. Looking forward to the results.

Haida Gwaii

One of the hidden gems of the Canadian West Coast. The history of the islands and the rich culture of the Haida people permeate the rugged landscape. Historic totems, first nations art and miles of beaches and surf leave a blissful imprint of a wilder place.

Getty Images

Being selected as a contributing Getty Images photographer is an honor. Getty has a reputation as the top photo/image agency in the world and being a contributor is an accomplishment. Looking forward to many engaging projects.

lululemon Ambassador Summit 2016

It is a profound experience to be put in a room with 130+ ambassadors from around the world and learn from what everyone brings to the summit. Everyone there makes a difference in their lives and within their community. The passion, ideas and experiences are overwhelming. Documenting the experience, it is always challenging to capture the essence of the summit but the people are what make this a truly great event. As a photographer I can’t help but absorb the energy and come away from the experience charged up and ready to move forward.

Pele the goddess of fire

The most active volcano on earth is on Hawaii’s big island. “Pele” the goddess of fire, is said to reside in Halemaʻumaʻu crater, at the summit caldera of Kīlauea. These are a few aerial shots of her home. Active lava flows and the expansion of lava flow can be seen daily here.

West Coast

Spent the last 7 days floating around the west coast of Vancouver Island shooting a few scenics, paddle boarding, surfing and fishing. The lines between work and pleasure blurred and the result was a few great images while having a time.


lululemon Kelowna Shoot

Good locations and great a great crew ensured a number of strong ambassadors shots in Kelowna this past week. Every shoot in Kelowna gets better and better, there is such tremendous talent in the interior.

Icebergs and Vikings

We were up in northern Newfoundland this past week shooting landscapes and icescapes. Frozen water from thousands of years ago flows down from the north every spring to create spectacular icebergs. A few of the best areas for shooting the “bergs” were early Viking settlements.  

lululemon ambassador summit - Whistler

A few days with some of the best athletes and ambassadors from the lululemon community always yields amazing results.  Inspired by stories, activities and insight the share, grow and experience all that is lululemon. A sunrise November project run by Andrew Ference (@Ferknuckle) started the last day out on a high note and after a provocative 3 days everyone parted ways to share their experiences around the world.