fine art


Had the opportunity to take a few new shots for the fine art "freight" project here in Vancouver. We rented a boat, got my father to drive, had my 3.5 yr old nephew Jackson as first mate and we jumped in the water with a housing. The goal was to gain a unique perspective on something that is seen daily here in Vancouver and break it down into simple forms, lines and patterns to expose an industrial beauty that gets lost in these lumbering giants. We are currently working on a gallery show for the images and have developed an interesting way to display the images. Will keep posting updates the closer we are to getting the body of work complete.

time machine

Derek and Mira Hunter have an ongoing photography and fine art installation project called time machine. Developing a camera rig that has 65 film cameras in a circle it has solenoids to trigger each shutter at the same time. The resulting images are subjects and objects frozen as the viewer is led around the circle showing a full 360 degree perspective of a moment frozen in time. We helped them set up a new shoot in a rain forest on the Sunshine Coast. Truly a spectacular visual project. Check out more